Must Control Music

"It is not for the masses, baby!"

We're a collaboration of people who have an urge to release our own music, organize liveshows and offer a selection of merchandise concerning to our member bands and artists.

Margin of profit is not an issue to us. Our motivation erupts from demand and desire to remain as independent as needed to be true to one's vision and heart. It might as well be said this way: "it is not for the masses, baby!"

...And this is where a liaison such as MCM becomes a reasonable thing to do.

We know that there are many of us, like you and me, who want to have their cups of culture with a dirty humane fingerprint on it. Our mission is to gather our errand herd and unite it's will to create a chance to be recognised and heard as a coalition of artists, bands and music consumers.

Our headquaters are located at Kuopio, Finland. Most members of our organisation are holding their positions near by this area. We are committed to hold on to these lines and continue to control our degree of freedom of expression in the name of ourselfs as a music lovers.

Now, let's enjoy our mutual cup of tee, my friend.
John Denver Mayhem
Death Rockstar Society
Royal Lips


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